Hood Filter Cleaning

Are you facing trouble with the hood in your commercial kitchen? If yes, then we’ve got solutions for your hood-related problems. The main reason behind these issues is lack of proper kitchen hood filter cleaning.

The primary purpose of the hood filter is to trap dirt and grime present in the atmosphere and protect your kitchen. For the normal functioning of your hood, you should change the hood filter from time to time. If you do not change the hood filter at frequent intervals, the chances of fire outbreaks increase.

Know more about hood filters and their functions!

A hood filter is the square/rectangle-shaped metal piece present at the opening of the ventilation system. They are also known as grease baffle filters and are essential for keeping grease vapors away from the exhaust duct.


The primary cause of restaurant fires is the grease vapors reaching the exhaust duct. When the grease vapors reach and mix with the hot air passing through the vent, the grease ignites itself. The flammable nature of the grease vapors can set the entire vent on fire within seconds and cause a lot of damage to your restaurant.


So, by changing the hood filter from time to time and keeping the hood in perfect condition, you are ensuring the safety of your restaurant.

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When to clean your hood filter?

You know the importance of cleaning and changing the hood filters, but do you know when to clean them?

To keep your hood system neat, you must clean your hood filter daily. Thus, you can keep the grease buildup under control and increase the hood performance.

When you do not clean the filter daily, new grease vapors fall above the previous one and clog the filter. Not only does it stop the working of the filter, but it also damages the hood system. A clogged filter is enough to start a fire hazard, and as the grease buildup is vast on a filter, putting out the fire will be difficult.


If your filter is not made of aluminum, you can clean your filter along with other utensils in a dishwasher. However, you should wash the aluminum filters separately with your hand as they get easily damaged. Though it sounds like a difficult task, it is much easier than putting out a grease fire, so don’t hesitate to do that.

Hood  Filter Cleaning St Louis, MO

What to expect from Grease Bullies?

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As crucial as kitchen hood filter cleaning is, replacing the hood filter at the right time is also necessary. A hood filter in bad condition will be more harmful than not having a hood filter. 

However, we cannot set a schedule for changing hood filters without understanding the rate of grease accumulation on it. You must replace it when the old one stops performing normally. So, always be vigilant for the signs such as corrosion or dent in the filter. 

If you see any of these signs or face any difficulty while cleaning the filter, it is your cue to call a professional hood filter cleaning service.

A professional hood cleaning service will offer you a good quality filter that you can use for a long time. A steel filter saves you from the cost of replacing the filter every once in a while.

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