St. Louis has a large number of restaurants that serve tasty food. Our aim as a restaurant cleaning service provider is to offer the best kitchen cleaning services, including kitchen exhaust system cleaning. We have -so far- been successful in our mission of helping restaurants have a  tidy and hygienic environment to dine in.

Our years of expertise and working with top-rated restaurants has made us the most reputed commercial kitchen cleaners in St Louis. However, our journey was not smooth; we faced new challenges every day and continue to do so. But that hasn’t stopped us from doing what we do the best.

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More About Us: How did it all begin?

Grease Bullies was never our dream when we were young. We aimed to become pilots, doctors, or police officers; just like everyone else. But things changed when we started restaurant cleaning as a source of pocket money. With every passing day, we learn something new and become more passionate about the job.

We started enjoying the satisfaction we got from cleaning the greased hoods of restaurant kitchens. So, we didn’t think twice when opening our restaurant hood cleaning business after college.

Grease Bullies Today

After years of learning and practice, we are now one of the most trusted exhaust hood cleaning companies in St Louis. We have worked in almost  every reputable restaurant kitchen here.


We have a team of experienced cleaners who have been trained according to the guidelines of the Bureau of Fire Prevention. We work hand-in-hand with the restaurants to keep a check on the safety and hygiene of their kitchens.


We take special measures in cleaning the hoods of commercial restaurants to avoid any damage to the unit. We begin with a basic checkup on the current condition of the exhaust vent, create a strategy, split tasks in-between the team, then do the work.


No grime, grease, pests, or germs will be able to hide in your kitchen after a cleaning done by our team. It is one of the reasons why restaurant owners of St. Louis trusts us with their kitchens.

What are the perks of hiring us?

Our cleaning services help you clear the inspection of a fire marshal with flying colors. It will also help you when applying for insurance.


Reach out to us for the best commercial kitchen cleaning services in St. Louis. The testimonials by our clients define the amount of hard work and dedication we put into providing you with the optimal cleanliness of your kitchen.

Why should you choose us?

If you have opened a new restaurant or commercial kitchen in St Louis, you might not know about Grease Bullies. So let’s give you a better understanding of our services from the perspective of a customer.

We asked our clients why they continue choosing us for kitchen cleaning, and these were their answers:

Variety of services:

Our services are not limited to cleaning the hood or rooftop; we provide a full commercial kitchen cleaning service.

Best quality Equipment:

Years of experience in cleaning the hood has given us insights on what equipment suits different types of dirt and grime. We use specialized cleaning tools for removing stubborn grease stuck on your hood duct.

Experienced Team:

Our team is trained to clean the kitchen to match the health and fire departments guidelines. You will not have to worry about getting stuck in the red tape of the rules and regulations.

Customer service:

You can reach out to us at any time to get cleaning services or to clear up your queries. Our customer service is available around the clock!

If you are looking for a reliable commercial kitchen cleaning company with the best services stop searching! Grease Bullies are devoted to keeping your kitchen sparkly all year!

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