Restaurant Power Washing in St. Louis, MO

If you are a food service business in Missouri, you will be glad to know that Grease Bullies Hood Cleaning offer the best power washing service for your business. Our crew will expunge algae and stains on:

● Driveway pavers.
● Dumpster areas.
● Path walks and cement surfaced.
● Dumpster pads.
● Railings and gates.
● Rooftop grease containment.
● Outdoor furniture like patio chairs and tables.

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Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Before you hire a St. Louis restaurant cleaning company, learn about the benefits of power and pressure washing first.

Pressure washing is the safer method of removing dirt, mud, dust, and algae as well as remove paint flakes and other small objects on surfaces. Pressure washing helps for cleaning softer surfaces, such as:

● Tiled areas.
● Wood sidings and decks.
● Bricks.
● Masonry.
● Concrete surfaces.

Power washing uses high-pressure stream and is typically used to deal with hard-to-remove grease, stain, and mold growth. Our exterior cleaning service excels in tackling materials that stuck on various surfaces. A blast of hot water will quickly remove dirt and transform your restaurant’s exterior!

Whichever type of exterior cleaning you choose, hire a professional St. Louis restaurant cleaning company to take care of it.

Grease Bullies Hood Cleaning Power Washing Service

Our pressure washing service will completely clear away annoying stains. Have water and oil stains on the pavement? Our local expert hood cleaners specialize in removing stubborn blemishes.

Pressure Washing Service

Are your dumpster area and pads filled with grease and grime? Is the parking area covered with oil stains and grease? Let our pressure washing service fix that! We will clear your restaurant and protect your staff and customers from risks of auto accidents, property damage, and injuries.

Grease Bullies Hood Cleaning has the equipment and techniques to solve all your grease problems. Our restaurant cleaning techniques will clean your roof, gutters, brickworks, and benches free of dirt and residue 

Our expert cleaners will clean any type of outside area. Grease Bullies Hood Cleaning provide only the best cleaning results!


Power Washing Service

Got heavily soiled areas in your establishment? Our staff will remove dirt from your restaurant’s siding, deck, driveway, and patio with our heavy-duty power washing equipment..

Our power washing service will bring your restaurant back to its original beauty  by cleaning away dirt from any structure and material, including:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Stucco

Providing the most reliable pressure washing services in St. Louis, MO is what we do. Dial our number to request a free restaurant cleaning service estimate.

Professional Hood Cleaning Services in East St. Louis

Why Choose Us For Your Restaurant Exterior Cleaning

St. Louis, MO is home to some of the tastiest appetizers and richly flavored toasted ravioli. St. Louis is one of the best cities for foodies with its signature dessert, deep-fried dishes, and hearty Italian cuisine.

The vibrant, amazing St. Louis restaurants make it easier for us to love our job. Grease Bullies Hood Cleaning strives to provide impeccable restaurant power washing service so that our city’s restaurant can maintain its exuberant appeal.

At Grease Bullies Hood Cleaning, pure local hood cleaners are here to perform the best commercial power washing and we will not stop until we give the results you need.

  • We offer free restaurant and kitchen cleaning estimates and competitive rates
  • We use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment.
  • Our crew will take care of your property and ensure will not cause property damage.
  • We only use restaurant and kitchen cleaning supplies that are both food-safe and eco-friendly wherever possible.

Our power washing services sets us apart from our competitors in both quality, efficiency, and professionalism.

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Call us if you require exterior cleaning services. We believe that your establishment is one reason St. Louis, MO is a popular foodie destination. With our pressure washing and power washing, we can help keep your restaurant in tip-top shape, and Grease Bullies Hood Cleaning also offers a variety of kitchen and hood cleaning services.


Get first-rate cleaning services from a reputable St. Louis, MO cleaning company. As a trusted name in the industry, we can help keep your restaurant clean and up to code.

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